Love, Relationship, and Intimacy Coaching

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching helps you to understand yourself more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. 

During our coaching sessions, we will work as your guide, helping you to set goals and develop action steps to achieve them. Together, we will create a customized plan to make your goals achievable. Each session we will review progress towards these goals. 

As your coaches, we are not here to give advice or tell you what to do. Instead, through careful questioning, we will go deep into conversation and we will help you examine the things in your life that are important to you. From here we can draw out what it is that you need to do to develop further. 

Working closely together, we will support and encourage you as well as provide a safe space where you can overcome challenges and obstacles. Our main aim is that this coaching experience will transform the way you look at life.

So, we won't solve your problems for you but instead, I'll guide you to work out your own solutions and we will help you to build resilience so that you can face challenges in the future. Throughout the process you'll be in control of the direction and focus that our sessions take. 

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in providing coaching services and support that inspire and motivate our clients to live their best life while reaching their full potential. We do this through developing and sharing authentic goals and deep personal engagement.

We also believe in holistic health thus encouraging my clients to explore many methods of healing such as therapy, coaching, spirituality, eastern medicine, herbalism, and western medicine. No path is the same and every individual is unique so it's important that we foster an environment that looks at the person as a whole!

What's the difference between a coach and a therapist / counselor?

A love, relationship and sex coach is an educator who gives specialized advice to couples, individuals and groups using techniques, strategies, and guides that help the individual(s) reach their goals. Coaches tend to focus on the present and the future, asking "how" rather than why. Coaching is an unregulated field, thus meaning that no credentials are necessary. A reputable coach will still have certification through a national or internationally recognized organization. Coaches usually have to earn upwards of 300 hours of education and training. Coaches are also unable to accept insurance of any kind. 

A sex counselor or therapist is a licensed or license-eligible individual with a degree in social sciences or humanities such as psychology, social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, addictions, or sociology, just to name a few. Counselors and therapists usually have to earn around 4000 hours of face to face training and pass a state licensure exam in addition to obtaining their degree. These licensed or license-eligible individual uses the ICD-10 and/or DSM-V to provide clinical diagnosis and treatment plans. Insurance, including Medicaid can be accepted by a counselor or therapist due to their ability to provide clinical diagnoses and interventions. 

It is possible for an individual to be both a counselor / therapist as well as a coach but once again, due to strict laws governing the practice of counseling, certain rules and ethics must be followed to distinguish the two. 

Are you ready to change your sex life?

Sexhale offers coaching services, couple's intensives, and group programs.

This is right for you if...

You want to understand yourself more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment.

You want to set goals, develop action steps and participate in programs to achieve them.

You want to go deep into conversation and examine the things in your life that are important to you, then draw out what it is that you need to do to develop further.

You want a safe space where you can overcome challenges and obstacles so that you can work out your own solutions and build the resilience needed to face challenges in the future.

You want an amazing sex life where you feel confident, in control, and free. 

Work with Nijeria

Nijeria is a Nationally Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Clinical Supervisor for LPC/LMFT Residents in the state of Virginia. She has been working in mental health services since 2015 and graduated with her M.S. in Counseling and Human Development in 2018 from Radford University. Nijeria has a background in psychology, sociology, liberal studies (gender, religion, & culture), & sex therapy. Nijeria also has certifications in sexology, relationship coaching and Reiki.


🖤 Sexual Self-Esteem & Body Image

🖤 Sexual Dysfunction & Desire

🖤 Premarital / Couples

🖤 Energy Healing


Work with Ronda

I have a rich and diverse background which has shaped me into the expert I am today. I am equipped and ready to guide individuals and couples in their journey towards sexual self-discovery and relationship enhancement.


🖤 Self Love and Acceptance

🖤 Sexual Exploration & Kink

🖤 Navigating Vulnerability

🖤 Christian Mental Health


What To Expect

What you can expect from us...

Treat the client with respect and listen actively to what they have to say without judgement.

Use questioning to hold deep conversations about the client's wants, desires, goals and aspirations.

Treat the client's conversations and discussions as confidential.

Clarify goals and create detailed action plans so that the pathway to achieving those goals is clear.

Schedule coaching sessions following the content set out in your particular coaching program.

Hold the client accountable for the progress they are making towards achieving their goals.

What tool we use...

We use to manage our coaching services because it is well-designed, intuitive, and helps us collaborate with you easily throughout your journey. 

In case you're not familiar with this awesome tool, you can find more information in the Teachable Student Guide.

With Teachable you can...

Access to your action plan, homework, resources, and private message and schedule sessions, all in one place.

Progress tracking, feedback and support, all in one place.

Easy user setup and accessibility.

What we can expect from you...

Attend each session on time and be open and ready to approach the work with effort and motivation.

Be open to changes in the goals laid out in the coaching plan as the coaching sessions progress.

Complete work between sessions and reflect on progress as part of independent practice.

Schedule your coaching sessions according to your program plan.

Trust the coach's judgment in the best way to implement the coaching plan goals.

Throughout, keep an open and motivated mindset and enthusiasm to work with the coach to achieve the goals in your coaching plan.